Guest Spot “Unchain Your Inner Strength”

Our journeys take us to many places, meeting different people along the way. I’m lucky to continue extending my network with talented, kind, intelligent and empowered women. I believe that being in the company of strong women further strengthens us as we learn from each other.

AW gave birth to a new me. Divorce sparked a beautiful transformation originating from the pain of losing a love. The life-changing event inspired a book titled ”Journey to Becoming the Best Self” set for release July 2019.

The excitement of new adventures is exhilarating. Awakened-Woman has opened doors all over the world, as I am introduced to women with the same issues in life, as me. I no longer feel alone in my journey among the company of so many amazing ladies. We are bound by our gender’s struggle.

Maria C. Krause is the host of UNCHAIN your inner strength. She is a Mindset and Business Coach who showcases a podcast on podbean about self-love, mindfulness, confidence and the journey of life and finding yourself. Maria is Owner and Founder of UNCHAIN and SOUL SISTER’S UNIVERSE magazine.

On Tuesday, April 30th at 12:00 pm EST, I will sit down with the Unchain host to discuss Awakened-Woman and my upcoming book release.

I’m excited to share the journey thus far, with you and Maria. We all have problems, dilemmas and inner conflict. As women, we battle some unique identity issues while trying to balance life. The purpose in telling my stories is to inspire women to own theirs and create the life envisioned without fear. We are not only deserving of greatness, we are more than capable of doing the work.

I hope you join the podcast to help me continue the conversation.

If you cannot make the live podcast, please check back later as I will be sure to publish a link for the AW and social media followers, post-interview.

“Protected content. 2019”

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