AW on The Weekly Trends

On December 19th The Weekly Trends hosted a "Meet the Awakened Woman" interview where Jobilyn Jong asked questions about the AW platform, the business and its challenges, influences, entrepreneurship, and best practices. The AW journey has provided opportunities to meet amazing supportive women. The relationships being established have reinforced my belief that we are stronger … Continue reading AW on The Weekly Trends

The Female Entrepreneurs Network Featured AW!

The work never stops as we look to materialize the dream. Cultivating relationships, pursuing opportunities, and knocking on doors that may open a window that will bring us closer to our goals.  Many women wake up each day with a desire to take a seat at the table or get recognition for their efforts at … Continue reading The Female Entrepreneurs Network Featured AW!

Oops! We Did it Again!

There are moments during our lives when it seems the work is not delivering the return we expect. You give your everything in an attempt to make it all happen. The hope is that things will fall into their rightful place. On rare occasion, spontaneous combustion lights up a fortune or luck strikes in your … Continue reading Oops! We Did it Again!

When Was the Last Time You Did It?

The daily grind can sometimes drain the joy, positivity, energy and hope from our bodies. You can feel like the hamster on a wheel. It's hard to get off the ride. Humdrum lives happen to everyone, often. It's all part of normal life until it becomes a problem. The day we stop laughing out loud … Continue reading When Was the Last Time You Did It?

How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

"I can enjoy the current state of my life because of the moments I’ve had to endure. I try to live with gratitude. We tend to get so preoccupied with planning our future that we forget to stay present in this instant. Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace the … Continue reading How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

“I’m Sorry”

He cheated. You were not speaking to him after an argument you had which made him think the relationship was over. He hit or mistreated you but didn't mean it. He lied but you never asked questions. It was fib by omission, a little white lie. He said, "I'm sorry" for all the indiscretions, absolving … Continue reading “I’m Sorry”

0.80 Cents to a Man’s Dollar

Today is Equal Pay Day. April 2nd signifies how far during the year women have to work to make the equivalent of what men earn. Although, there are still others that require months more of work to come up to par. It is all a work in progress... We work hard for every penny and … Continue reading 0.80 Cents to a Man’s Dollar

Why the Facelift to AW?

You might have noticed AW has a new look. I decided to make some changes in response to your feedback. Some readers commented on the inability to see all the published articles. Awakened-Woman has over 200 articles in its Archives. If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, it brings you to a … Continue reading Why the Facelift to AW?

Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?

The month of March has many of us thinking of warmer weather. We push clocks forward getting extra daylight to put a pep in our step! The beginning of a new season bringing hope to enjoy life outdoors a bit more, especially for those of us on the East Coast. March sets off a long … Continue reading Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?

IWD: Celebrate on March 8

The calendar highlights dozens of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and Hallmark appointed dates throughout the year. We spend time planning how to honor many of these days from Valentine's to Mother's day. It seems like there is a holiday card for everything. Did you know there's a day designated to toast women all over the world? … Continue reading IWD: Celebrate on March 8