How Many More Lives Will Be Lost?

Today the world lost well-known designer Kate Spade to suicide.  The American born Missourian made her brand popular with numerous collections of colorful and youthful handbags.  Her handbags were used by women everywhere helping accessorize our day to evening looks with sophistication. The designer wasn’t just a brand, a label – she was a wife and mother.  A career professional working to make her life and family’s better.

NIMH (National Institute Mental Health) reports that suicide places No. 10 in list for causes of death in the United States. In  2016 alone there were close to 45,000 cases of suicides reported in our country. It’s alarming and sad that so many people are desperate enough to go to these measures to end their suffering.  Women, men and young people are in severe pain. They deserve our understanding and empathy for what they’re feeling. Is it possible education and prevention can be a starting point to better grasping the issue? Because turning a blind eye is not working if we are losing so many lives.

Depression is a serious problem in our society. Today we lost an icon but we should also think about the victims we don’t hear about over the news wires. The mental health crisis we’re presently encountering is affecting all socioeconomic levels. It’s enough of a concern that should be prioritized by all. We have mothers, daughters, sons and fathers experiencing quiet agony. Kate Spade had a family, success and wealth. It would appear to the public eye that she was a woman who had it all. Reading of the tragic story we can assume not everything was the color of roses for her. Something much deeper was happening that went far beyond the picture displayed for the cameras.

If you’ve had any thoughts of suicide don’t delay asking for help. We all have a story with mistakes or setbacks to overcome. Everyone needs a helping hand sometime in their life. Resources are available to alleviate the pain you may be feeling.  Call, visit, text or email anyone who will listen.

If you’re in trouble the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can also be of assistance at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Help is available 24 hours/7 days. Your information is CONFIDENTIAL. Speak to someone today.

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