I Love You to The Moon and Back…

The word “Love” is thrown around like a ball on a tennis court but what does it truly mean? Love is different things to different people. There isn’t some universal definition we can all cling to. People will bend and twist it to be what most accommodates their needs. In my opinion, overuse of the word has taken power away to some degree.

The feeling of love and use of the word are intertwined sometimes inadvertently. It is often said without a genuine understanding. If experienced in unison the experience can be truly majestic. There are various forms of love. One can be stronger than the next. We have love for ourselves, significant other, child, parents, siblings and friends. We also get caught up in our love for material things and careers. You yearn for these things, ultimately obtaining them will create euphoric feelings.

How do you define love? What is love? I challenge you to ask 10 people and jot down their responses. I’m going to guess not everyone will have the same answer. Some may get stuck during the attempt to verbalize their definition of the word. Love is a powerful emotion that makes us act and do the silliest, craziest things if we let it run wild.

Love is many things except easy. It is compromising, patient, sacrificing and considerate. The emotion will give us wings to fly high. But can devastate with a crash and burn. Whatever love means to you cherish each moment you hold it in your hands. Show its beauty to the world because it is a true gift.

Love fills my heart everyday. Self-love is the greatest and most difficult love. It’s worth every drop of effort to continuously work and maintain a stronghold. I love my daughter to the moon and back a gazillion times. The strength of it makes me rise each day with a will of a thousand men to fight for a better tomorrow. The love for my significant other is overwhelming at times. The shape of our love isn’t perfect but it fits like a glove. We compliment, support and give each other reasons to stay each day. My love for family, friends and life is authentic though not always demonstrated as it should. It exists in buckets increasing my blessings.

Love isn’t the same for everyone but is necessary for survival. Tell your tribe how much you love them. Most importantly – show them love.

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