Love Should Never Be Selfish

Do you remember the first time you felt the rush of love run through your veins? Can you recall how time spent with the object of your affection was never enough? Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to share his or her time, attention and physical presence with anyone in the world? Does any of this sound familiar? More importantly, does it sound selfish?

Love is an overwhelming feeling that fills up our life tank. The euphoria the emotion can cause brings happiness but can also cause turmoil. We are capable of giving our all in exchange for feeling this type of connection with someone. But does love require you to sacrifice everything? Are we expected to give into our partner’s self-serving ways?

Love is many things but should never be selfish. To the contrary, real love is selfless and unconditional. It’s willing to leave the window open and give you the wings to fly if it’s in your best interest. The room to grow is always encouraged because seeing you succeed is their biggest joy.

Love should never be possessive or controlling. It is not a right granting permission to do as you please with their time, heart and freedom. If we aren’t careful we can be enraptured by the strong emotion without thought of how it makes our partner feel. Having the feelings does not equal ownership.

We all need human connection and love is much a part of it. Acquiring a balance is crucial to avoid toxicity in relationships. The only person you can love selfishly is yourself. Women are notorious caregivers and nurturers willing to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. We can easily find ourselves in situations where our partners selfishness strips us of our identity and desires. It is essential to remind others of the power you hold in your hands to fight against selfish love. Your strongest defense is self- love.

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