Is “The Now” All That Matters?

During our lifetime we cross paths with people who will leave an imprint on our lives. Some will stop for a brief moment while others linger for longer lengths of time.

On Monday morning, it took seconds for a stranger to leave a mark that shook me to the core. It certainly is a wake-up call to re-evaluate the now.

I was sitting on a southbound train waiting to pull out of the station.  My routine 20 minute commute had been uneventful up until that day. In New York City, that’s a blessing and a relief! The city has all types of issues like any other big city. Not shocking  to witness some type of disturbance.

Monday it was my turn for a ride on a crazy train. An irate passenger jumped in the car train I was sitting in, making it the longest commute ever. He shouted at passengers and threatened some with bodily harm. The man punched windows while menacing others with death. Yes! He was deranged and scary! I exited at the next stop due to fear of the belligerent and violent stranger. Honestly, my heart was racing and body trembled thinking about how it only takes seconds to change someone’s life forever. The train stayed on course after I got off. The incident stayed with me for the remainder of the day.

If the now is all we have for certain then why do we insist on focusing on the future?

I don’t think I’m alone when I say, I’ve obsessed about my future over the years. Time passes so quickly and I often ask myself. Have I done the things I want to do in this life? Have I made the most out of my time? Truly, I haven’t. There is so much, yet to accomplish.

While these thoughts might be constant in our minds. Personally, I’m realizing that they should not drown my existence. Planning and looking towards the future is necessary. It nourishes our hopes and dreams so we can keep pushing forward. We have to continue planning but also stay present because no one knows what the future holds. The unknown is a vast universe. The more we stress the life we want, the less we allow ourselves to live the beauty of it. The incident on the train led me to a mild introspection that I believe was necessary at this time in my life.

So, to answer the original question. Is the now all that matters? Not entirely. It’s important to stay present in each moment to fully appreciate life. If we bog ourselves down with schedules, planning and drawing a map of life we’ll miss the fun of the journey. The now is all that matters in this moment. However, we should all look to create the best future possible for ourselves.

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