The Biggest Reason You Should Pick Up the Phone and Call

Emails, DM’s and Text Messages filled with emoticons. Pages of text explaining your story or exchanging thoughts. People engaging in everything from fun banter to heart-wrenching text conversations. All done on smartphones and tablets. Are you guilty of using electronic communication to replace a phone call? We all are.

We live in a modern world where technology rules everything. People are constantly finding new and innovative ways to share their lives with the world. The same modes of communication are being used to interact emotionally.

Recently, I suggested to my partner we try calling each other more often. Maybe, it’s an old-fashion gesture. But it got my wheels turning. Do you remember the joy you experienced from hearing that special voice from the other side of the phone? Or recall a time you talked over the phone for hours with the object of your affection? It was the next best thing outside of the comfort felt by being in the presence of that special someone. Whatever happened to the days when we’d pick up the phone and just call?

Technology serves its purpose. The convenience facilitates everything for a multitasking society. We can drive, work, do groceries and watch our favorite Netflix show while we enjoy a conversation. The problem is while we are juggling all these tasks can we really focus on the person looking for our attention? Are we genuinely giving them what they need?

Human beings are made to connect. Some people require more connectivity than others. There are those that will suffer loneliness if physical communication is limited. Personal interaction allows us to form attachments. Believe it or not, it’s essential to the survival of society. If we remove the action it would be challenging to build the relationships that help the world evolve.

In a romantic relationship, emotional connection becomes increasingly important over time. Holding a job, caring for a home, partner and children leaves us drained but cohesiveness is found in the smallest moments. A quick phone call to let a loved one know you care goes a long way. Emotional ties are formed by spending time together. But also by sharing personal, close interaction which promotes love and affection. Women can be particularly affected when a relationship lacks this quality.

Although, communication is made easier during the digital age, it can open the door to misunderstandings. A lack of connection can cause rifts in a relationship. We may underestimate the significance of the tone in our words on text. Creating difficulty interpreting certain messages that come across. Does this sound familiar?

Convenience is everything nowadays but our electronic gadgets aren’t ideal for the purpose of developing stronger bonds. We can do anything from our keypad except feel the elaborate interconnection we’re meant to have as human beings. The biggest reason for picking up the phone is to stay connected to those important to you. Ignoring the effects of this disconnect could cheat us out of true human connection.

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