Thank you for Listening

Hopefully, you were able to catch the segment of real talk on “I’ve Got Your Number” online radio show.

During the online chat we discussed women’s topics as related to relationships, dating, co-parenting, children, divorce, abuse, love, heartbreak and self-love. The opportunity allowed me to touch on some of the issues we experience as a gender. I was also able to share some of my personal experiences in these areas. Being able to discuss the birth of Awakened-Woman was exciting. It’s important readers understand my purpose and passion when writing about the issues we deal with in our daily lives.

If you were able to join – thank you. I hope it was informative, as well as, entertaining. Keeping you interested enough to return to read the articles, blogs and essays.

If you weren’t available to join us, the playback is available for you to listen at your leisure.  If you are new to my blog, I hope you find the reading engaging and helpful no matter where you are in life.

The idea behind AW (Awakened-Woman) is for women from around the world to have a resource that will encourage change in their lives, if warranted. Empowering each one of you to take your happiness into your own hands.

I’m grateful to hosts Lois and JoAnna of I’ve Got Your number for inviting me to their show. Also, thank you to the women that inspire me every day.

Protected content. 2018

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