Are You Haunted by a Past?

Everyone is haunted by a past. At one time or another we’ve all said and done something we aren’t proud of. Beautifully imperfect is what we are. Mistakes and bad choices made in the past. Life dealts a deck of cards. What is the probability of winning the hand in every game? Do the math – unlikely, isn’t it?

Every 31st of October, we have Halloween. A day of the witches, goblins and all things scary. But what is more terrifying than the monsters in our closet?

We’ve established an important truth. We all have a history with spotty moments. Women can be incredibly self-critical. Being overly critical of the things done to the point we may become someone we don’t like. Demonizing ourselves as a result of the bad behavior will only leave you feeling uncomfortable in your skin. There is no upside to holding on to a past that hurts. One of the hardest things to do is let go because it means accepting things that might make us feel ashamed. However, if you don’t acknowledge what’s haunting you, it will continue to follow you.

The best you can do for yourself is deal with your past. Ignoring it will only create deeper internal turmoil. Instead of running from it – embrace it. Once you confront it, you can begin to find ways to resolve.

Remember, the reason you are, who you are today is not so much about the mistakes made in life. It’s truly about how you’ve handled it all.

Don’t run. Stay present. The past is behind you now.

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