What Does Your Personal “Triangle of Strength” Look Like?

Have you ever found yourself drowning in negativity? Living with a sensation that everything in your life is going sideways? Having the wrong people around is like gravity. It can drag you into an abyss. Preventing you from rising to the level of greatness meant for you.

Choosing the right people to surround yourself with can significantly improve your life. It helps look at almost everything differently. It has the ability to create a net of positivity motivating you to be your best self. Both men and women can make poor choices in this area. Lives of individuals from all walks of life have been ruined by bad company. It’s never too late to start the process of building your triangle of strength.

In architecture, triangles are powerful tools often used in the design of structures. This is due to the triangles’ toughness and solidity. The base is able to carry the weight holding the construction in place. We can put something similar into practice in our personal lives, as well.

Over the course of the past few years a desire for purpose was born. The need to begin a life that put me in a position of true joy. Independent of my partner, daughter or external sources. I began to understand that genuine happiness starts from within. Therefore, I took the lead in this search and rescue mission. The brainstorming forced me to ask myself questions. Such as – who is in my trusted network? Do the people I have in my life truly add value. Will my triangle encourage me to fly. Are they going to tell me to keep going on the days I’ve exhausted myself with self-talk?

We all have friends, family and acquaintances, few of which might be good-time Charlie or fair-weather friends. These are not individuals you will look to for strength or guidance. They’re likely people with their own challenges to conquer that don’t include you. I took to thinking about those in my life that make me better. Are they lifting me up? Teaching me something or enriching my life in some way. My triangle of strength helps me connect to my power source. Grounding me when necessary while on the journey towards a higher self. In some way each one contributes to making me stronger.

Do you know who is in your triangle of strength?

Each of the individuals in this special network plays a role in your development. You are at the base of this beautiful construct. The key to everything because the work you do is essential to success. The moving parts act in unison to assist the creation of a solid foundation for your legacy.

The breakdown below describes each person’s role in this triangle.  Embrace and absorb the information shared. Learn to use the tools at your disposal to increase awareness.

  1. The Guru will be a mentor and guide. He or she will assist when feeling lost. Helping ground you during times you’re off kilter. Usually, their knowledge or wisdom is related to education, spiritual or life experience. One is not exclusive of the other. This individual encompasses greatness in different ways that you might admire. Possibly, having qualities you want to emulate.
  2. The Enforcer is the “tough love.” This is the person encouraging  behavior or actions you won’t necessarily think you’re capable of. He or she will push you to your limits looking to help you grow. Challenging you is their job in your life. Their role helps the process of discovery. You will accomplish things you never thought possible with their motivation.
  3. The Light Source  is a power supply for you to use when life’s work has tested your resolve. There will be moments when you need to replenish. You will exercise, spend time with friends or give yourself an outlet to recharge. The light source will promote the importance and encourage you to reconnect with yourself. Their energy will add vibrant waves to your being. The optimism that surrounds them is contagious.

The triangle of strength is my diagram to generate the energy I need in my life to increase productivity. Each of you will create a unique design based your needs. The most important element of the triangle is to make sure to find people to help reinforce the base and all sides of life with you at the center.

What does your triangle of strength look like today?

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