How to Stop the Toxicity Bleeding Into Your Life

Negativity is all around us. The news channels don’t fall short on material. Sadly, our world sinks deeper in a funnel of divisiveness, hurt, frustration and animosity. Finding a place of serenity in our minds to take comfort is challenging.

Everything around us is in turmoil. I consistently ask myself how can I make it better? We have no control over anything except ourselves. The best possible answer – eliminate toxicity from my own life. I surround myself with positive energy to encourage growth and happiness, whenever possible.

If you’re in need of a purge. There are couple ways to help cut the legs off the toxic monger.

1. It’s essential to draw the right people into your life. I have a “Triangle of Strength” to help create the best environment for myself. We all have tough days. When my inner light feels dim, I call in the reinforcements. These individuals are invaluable to maintaining a balance in my world. Each one of them adds a special ingredient to enhance my existence. We all need support. For those of you that feel alone – know that there is always one person. Someone in your universe to offer a word, listen or gesture in your time of need. Welcome the good by attracting positive people into your circle.

2. Stop giving into your inner critic. It will cripple you to no end. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. The most effective way to do away with this issue – love yourself. Limitations shrink when we learn self-love. Women have many roles to fulfill. We think it’s unforgivable to juggle all the balls up in the air and drop one. Cut yourself some slack. You do a lot for everyone. It’s OK to be human. You are amazing. There is so much power in acceptance. Embrace the woman you are while committing yourself to growth. Beating yourself up won’t change what has already been done. Rising above the negativity will elevate you.

3. Your thoughts create your reality. Has anyone told you “You are what you think?” There was a time in my life when I believed that good things only happened to other people. I was giving all my love to others. Never saving any of it for myself. The thought that I could be loved for who I truly was, didn’t occur to me. It wasn’t until I began to change my thoughts, that my life changed. So can yours.

These are only some of the things I’ve done and continue to, in order to rise above. It’s always easier to fall victim to the bad stuff that happens. It takes immeasurable strength and courage to fight the demons. Toxicity is not only lethal to your well-being. It’s contagious and damaging for those that absorb it.

Fight it. Reject it. Don’t let it win.

“Protected content. 2018”

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