The 3 Keys to Unlocking Sexy at Any Age

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most talked about women in the entertainment industry today. InStyle Magazine unveiled a sizzling piece on the Latina wonder. The photo shoot that goes along with the article is hot enough to light your eyes on fire!

People find it hard to believe but J.Lo, as she’s been nicknamed is 50+ years old. She is an actress, singer, dancer, business woman and mother. She has been married and divorced a few times. Unapologetic for being in love with love. Of all things J.Lo, the sexiest aspect of the woman is her ability to dare to be whatever she wants at any age.

We see the celebrities plastered all over billboards, magazines, television and social media. She has an income that allows for generous pampering such as a trainer, glam squad and chef. How does the average woman find her own sexy without the army these celebrities enjoy? We dig deep to connect with our best self. There are a some things we can do to help us do the same without the bells and whistles. Being truly sexy is about much more than being glammed up.

  1. Taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health: Women take care of their tribe with or without help from partners, families or anyone. You do what you have to do. Making sure everyone’s needs are met. It can be empowering and sexy but there needs to be a balance. When you take care of the emotional and physical components of your body it can catapult you to new heights. For myself, stealing quiet moments to recharge are essential to my well-being. Whether boxing, writing or catching up with girlfriends. It’s all part of reconnecting with myself. Love cost me to lose my identity in a marriage. Staying conscious of the sacrifice reminds me of a mistake I can’afford to repeat, again. I feel sexier and stronger than ever owning who I am. Being grounded has brought me to my center. Now and then I need self-reinforcements. I make sure to find ways to nourish my mind and soul. It’s all connected to our core.
  2. Confidence: Two women can walk into a room. One of them is stunningly beautiful but tiptoes into the place as if she’s afraid anyone will notice her. The other woman is of average looks. She comes into the room commanding all eyes on her. The posture of a peacock and the confidence of an officer overseeing a fleet of ships. I’ll bet the second woman will hold guests’ attention. I recall the day I claimed self-confidence. It was right after gaining acceptance of everything divorce. The joy of finding my authentic self made me feel invincible. Any day, self-doubt creeps over my shoulder I call on that moment to spark me up. For me, part of being sexy is daring myself to be great.
  3. People see you the way you see yourself: The attitude you carry with you will turn people on or off. Love and nurture the woman you’re becoming. Growth is continuous. Work to see yourself – really see all that you are. Embrace your wonderful qualities as well as the flaws. We all have imperfections unique to us. Your perspective creates the attitude. All the things you’ve experienced in life are yours. Don’t give in to judgment or criticism of the way you choose to live your life. We only get one shot at this thing called LIFE. There will be mistakes and hurdles. Have the attitude of a champ. Don’t let then win. Do you!

External beauty is not what makes you sexy. Age is a number. It has become one more way to label us. Placing everyone in a box that limits us if we allow it. Women are so much more.

Sexy is a state of mind. It’s a freedom to live the life you see for yourself at any age. You possess a vast amount of beauty. Give it permission to shine through leading you to greatness you never thought possible. Unleash your sexy out into the world starting today.

I Dare You to Be Bold!

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