You Want It – You Got It!

We’ve come a long way from the roles defined for us decades ago. Having women in the C-Suite, as business owners, leaders of countries and more than ever before in US Congress. We are bulldozing this gender’s path to greatness.

Growing up, I didn’t see females that looked like me on television, government or in positions of leadership. Latinas, women of color, did not play in roles of power. It was imagery, probably beyond anyone’s imagination. Present day, we’re only limited by our vision. Modern society is changing everything we’ve known up until now. The possibilities of success are limitless when determination and drive meet opportunity.

I’m learning that to have it, you need to really go after it. Whatever, the dream or goal you have in mind. Surrender to the work. Lay out a design to bring it to fruition. It’s on you to go hard and obtain it.

There’s no room for fear on the way to success. Self-doubt softly taps the brakes preventing you from reaching the finish line. You must be relentless when believing in yourself but humble enough to understand there is much to learn from others that came before you.

The road less traveled is never easy. Women have to work harder and smarter than everyone else but we’re only limited by our thoughts. Freeing ourselves of others’ opinions and skepticism provides an open platform to see beyond what stands in front of you. It offers the possibility to envision something bigger and better for ourselves.

There are examples of these successes in places you least expect. High profile and groundbreaking event took place in 2018. Stacey Cunningham became the first president of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). It took 226 years for women to take a seat in the prestigious institution.

Most recently, Lauren Simmons crashed the boundaries of color and gender. The youngest woman and only second African-American female in history to be given a spot on NYSE, as equity trader at the age of 23, no less. The biggest boy club seems to be making some changes, imagine that…

We can’t give up when it gets hard. There are endless obstacles to test our will. Women have been fighting to get a piece of the pie for ages. There is still lots of ground to break to make a difference in gender inequality. The issues with pay inequality to gender gaps in certain industries can’t be ignored forever. The voices are getting louder and women are challenging the idea that this is a man’s world. Empowered women are forging new roads for us.

We have to figure out our dream then go out there and pursue it. You decide how far you want to take this and where to drive.

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