Happy Birthday!

New Year’s Eve and birthdays are two of the most eventful days on our calendars. They are so significant that we often use the dates for reflection. Taking inventory of accomplishments, goals, failures and everything we have done up to that point in time.

Today is my turn to celebrate. Although, have not reached the heights expected, there has been progress. Having miles to run, as I evolve into the epitome of the woman I dream to be, today, I pause. Becoming means constant effort until we elevate to the next level. Seeking continuous growth, while we work to be the best self.

This past year, I found my passion which turned into purpose. Awakened-Woman is empowering ladies all over the world. Receiving messages from courageous women like you has inspired me to keep writing and share stories. AW’s book is now in stages of production, marking an incredible new beginning that hopefully, helps me touch even more lives. Thank you for allowing me to add something positive to your day. I’m grateful for the readers.

If today is your birthday too or it is around the corner, even if it passed. Happy Birthday! May you find happiness in the little things, purpose during your journey and the person that makes your heart skip a beat. Overall, I wish that your passion lead you to immense discoveries to make life beautiful for you, too.

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