AW is About to Level Up

AW is ready for a new phase that will include bigger challenges and more adventures!

When I started writing, there were no expectations. It was a tool to help others on way to finding their best self. Now, after a book and several hundred articles later, I feel there is much more to be done. As I work to reach more women, it is evident that the engagement rate needs to skyrocket in order to get the AW message to go viral but I need your help!

Few months ago, I took on a new project. As a content writer for BELatina magazine, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to connect with a new audience while writing about many new topics that affect all of us directly or indirectly. Meeting and working with such a great team of females has further empowered me. It has encouraged me to see the importance of having a wonderful squad. Women have been pitted against each other for decades. They say, “the competition is fierce” or at least it is how we perceive one another. Not true.

During this journey, I have encountered strong, confident women that have done nothing but open doors offering all types of support. These women are AW readers, artists, fellow writers, editors, publisher, family and friends – you name it! I am grateful.

As I continue the journey of womanhood, I’m building the AW brand. The new copyrighted logo was created to remind us of the journey. Stand tall, proud and regal because you are a beautiful woman preparing to fly towards your own greatness. Each day let’s work to get closer to our goals and dreams. It is okay to rest but no matter what is happening in life, keep going! Push forward because the lessons of yesterday can bring a better tomorrow, if you do the constant work.

Encourage, Inspire and Empower other women. Share AW with all the women you come across.

Check out AW on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or follow the AW Blog via email.

Let me know what you think about the new logo of just stop by to say Hi!

A Journey to Becoming the Best Self can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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