Awakened-Woman on The Art is Alive

Many of us have goals and dreams that we think will never come to fruition. Sometimes the hard work, dedication and perseverance are not enough to push what we envision into reality. Like anyone else, exhaustion kicks in from life’s stressors. Have you ever felt this way? Most of you reading will relate to the feeling.

Plenty of times, I’ve been asked how often do I write. I write every single day – on my laptop, phone, journal or any blank space I can find. Jotting down quotes, blog ideas or stories that can captivate readers attention. Looking to help others evolve into their best self.

The AW content is free to readers. I would not have it any other way. It was designed to help in your journey of womanhood. Whether my articles inspire, encourage or empower you, AW exists because of its readership. There have been close to 100K visitors this year. Most of you read an average of 2 blogs each time you visit!

Earler tbis week The Art is Alive Magazine published an interview on AW. It is a beautiful article that expresses my purpose, brings light to who is Awakened-Woman.

The work of writers, authors is not always recognized. We don’t do it for the money but for love. The passion to make others think or feel something. Having someone else write about AW is always amazing. Each writer has a different angle and sees something different. Every chance I’ have received to show the world Awakened-Woman has been a gift that I”m grateful for…

I love doing writing because it evokes emotion. It isn’t easy to get readers to engage or share how they feel in response but lately more of you are being receptive. I will continue to open my book to encourage you through the tough times. My wish is that one day you will trust me enough to share. In the meantime, let AW inspire you to live the life you envision because everything is possible.

Tnank you so much for reading AW.

Protected content. 2020

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