What the Heck is an “Entanglement?”

An entanglement by definition is a “complicated or compromising relationship/situation.”

This month’s hot topic in entertainment is fueling headlines. We all heard about a celebrity couple that recently shed light on a painful truth. A named actress openly discusses with spouse the “entanglement” she had during their separation. The real talk took place in front of the cameras. The bold 12-minute video conversation has been played back more than 25 million times since it first aired.

Some fans were taken aback by the revelation, many looked at the happy pair as “relationship goals.” Having the desire to mimic the couple in their own love life. Although for a while, rumors of an alternate lifestyle surfaced when the actress announced that the couple would be replacing their conventional marriage with a life partnership. The news led to speculation about what the statement implied or life could look like for them in this new state. Recently, an outsider’s call to divulge details of the said entaglement, swayed the actress into admission which seems to be adding to public fascination.

This story has me thinking – why is this headline so intriguing? Is it because a woman (not a man) publicly disclosed stepping out on marriage or was it her use of the word entanglement to describe an indiscretion? Either way, the word entanglement is trending like crazy on Google!

My immediate thoughts on all this? Is it possible the reason she phrased it in this manner was to distinguish it from something illicit? The couple’s confirmation of separation at the time signifies they were not together, so it isn’t necessarily cheating, if both sides confirm taking time apart, right? I’d be curious to read what readers think? (Post Comments)

Opinions on the matter will certainly differ. The act of betrayal has detrimental consequences on a relationship. Uttering the word affair, instead of entanglement may have been a way to change the narrative. Possibly, avoiding a backlash of judgment that could have resulted in disproportionately, negative press. She now dominates the story, most importantly, did damage control that protects a family in the aftermath.

Whether or not you consider the entanglement phrase appropriate, ultimately, it is a couple’s decision how to manage their relationship. Separations happen often, the individual’s involved are the ones that can set boundaries.

The pair has been together almost a quarter of a century. It is a safe to assume there‘s immense growth between two people in a relationship for that amount of time. Usually the individual evolution comes at a price. Relationships with such a long stretch require compromise. It is unimaginable not to expect bumps on a journey of a lifetime. Endless conflict and disagreements are part of the process. A “ride or die” relationship (as the couple refers to one another) does not happen overnight and is not for the faint of heart. In order to reinforce a strong foundation, there has to be conditioning to ensure sturdiness. Not everyone will make it through turbulent weather. Relationships are constantly being tested and shaking the ground you stand on can be the best way to see what it’s made of. Do you agree?

Kudos to couples that do the hard work and love each other through difficult times while remaining respectful and understanding of what is necessary to push through to the other side, strenthening bonds. It’s not always feasible to stick through the ugly, sometimes the sacrifices are far too great or dangerous to withstand the pain, however, only you know what is right for you.

Entanglement or not, time will tell if this couple is able to save their union. Meanwhile, memes and reports swirling have certainly taken social media by storm.

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