Do You Dump, Keep or get Revenge like J.Lo in Marry Me?

Jennifer Lopez‘ newest film, Marry Me is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Kat and Bastian’s superstar love affair gone wrong. Global Latin music star, Maluma makes his Hollywood debut opposite Lopez, as the pop star’s love interest, who is left at the altar after his philandering ways are uncovered seconds before I Do’s take place. The moment of truth takes the bride-to-be on a detour, when an impulsive reaction opens the door to a chance at something real accompanied by a different set of challenges. Kat’s character takes audiences on a journey of love while unravelling the consequences of her actions with lighthearted humor.

The premise of the film will appeal to fans of the leading cast, as well as, moviegoers looking for a charming rom-com with a little glitz, glamour, fashion and laughs. Viewers may even connect with parts of the plot, finding it relatable. Personally, the story line “boy is unfaithful to girl” resonated with me, couldn’t help to think about my own past experiences.

If you’ve endured a relationship with a cheating partner then Marry Me may set off bells. Figuring out what to do with a relationship after uncovering a significant other’s betrayal is not always cut and dry. If you don’t see it coming, heartbreak strikes with the power of a bat to a baseball. Once the dust settles, you are left with a decision to make. Do you end things, forgive a partner, or get back at the person that caused your suffering.

The woman who believes that monogamy is a choice is unlikely to excuse these transgressions. Honoring the commitment to a loved one hinders you from taking action that violates trust. Having such a strong stand can make it difficult to grant forgiveness at times. Seeing life in black and white leads to a stern perspective of right or wrong. Chances are you will dump a cheater, the “I’m Sorry” apology falls short. Your deal breakers serve as boundaries and when broken it prompts an evaluation. If self-worth, respect and values are compromised, he’s gone!

In Marry Me, J.Lo’s character takes the ultimate revenge on her cheating fiancee by marrying a total stranger! The abrupt move is drastic and probably wouldn’t fare well in real life. But for this woman, a game of tit for tat can numb the pain, at least temporarily. The ultimate retaliation has one person punish another with a dose of their own medicine to purposely inflict harm, it creates major issues. Sacrificing your dignity to get back at someone else is never worth it. Vengeance hurts everyone, most of all you.

If you are part of a marriage, living with a partner or dating long-term, things can get complicated. It may feel like you have too much time invested or love trumps everything. You are committed to making it work against all odds. Your goal is to keep your family or relationship together, seeing it through to the end.

Men and women might agree, there is no road map for relationships. The direction your love life takes is based on decisions driven by emotion and personal choice. There isn’t a universal right answer because each of us is unique, in its own circumstance. Although, relationships are built on the efforts of two people, we should consider what is best for our individual happiness. Love, in its best light is illuminating, beautiful but it starts within. Mold, shape and craft the love for yourself, it will be the navigation system guiding you to make the healthiest choices.

If you ever find yourself in a space where there is a lack of respect in any way, these two pieces of wisdom can help when deciding to dump, keep or get revenge. First, you are worthy of love that is considerate and shows kindness towards you. Second, people will do to you, what you allow them. Set boundaries that align with your values and what you deserve.

Universal Pictures is set to release Marry Me on May 14, 2021. Meanwhile, Maluma and J.Lo fans can stream the most recent singles from the movie, online. A two-part video of Pa’Ti and Lonely is out now. Viewers will enjoy a sexy preview of the chemistry between the two celebs, set to share the screen with well-known American actor, Owen Wilson.

*Photo by: Universal Pictures

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