The Beast

There are women all over the globe walking among the crowds, physically and emotionally battered. Bruises meticulously covered to ensure no one can see through to their pain. The secret is safe, long as the black and blues stay below the shoulders.  Aggression that can happen to any woman because it crosses cultural, educational, financial and … Continue reading The Beast

3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

The word “divorce” is often perceived as a bad word by participants and outsiders alike. It evokes negative emotions that can brew the most awful stew. The anger, resentment and loneliness create a recipe for disaster. If you understand this wicked recipe, you can see how difficult and draining the process is over time. It has … Continue reading 3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

While many AW readers are familiar with the articles about women and motivational pieces I've written, you might not all know about other works included in AW's collection. I wrote The Cost of Her Jewels late in the second half of 2017. The storyline came to me during the time I was writing for divorcehub. … Continue reading Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

“Who’s Your Daddy?”

We've heard men refer to it, others criticize it or we ourselves have battled with it. The blog's title can be misleading but this won't be an article about bedroom chatter. While at lunch this week, I sat in a trendy spot nearby work to have a Tortilla Soup. It's one of my favorites, unfortunately, … Continue reading “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Are We All Broken?

"Have an encounter inside your own story. That’s where the holy ground is, same place you find the burning bush. Burning away things that aren’t true." --William Paul Young The learning begins as soon as we are in the womb, as does trauma. There are plenty of people who grow up to be well-adjusted. By … Continue reading Are We All Broken?

His Biggest Gift

Another workday had ended, most folks had gone home. I preferred to stay behind to complete travel logistics for an upcoming conference. Being home offered too much time alone to think. A stressful week at the office without hopes of stopping required auxiliary. Drowning in paperwork was one way to numb myself from the pain … Continue reading His Biggest Gift


We've all felt the agony of loss, heartbreak, labor, illness or defeat. An overwhelming emotion that can cripple the strongest of men and women. For others, it can serve as a driver pushing them to the next plateau. Serena Williams secured a spot in 2018’s US Open after not making the cut in her last … Continue reading Pain

Where Are You in the Crossroads of Your Life?

Have you stopped at an intersection only to find out that you aren’t sure which way you should go? During my 20’s, I looked at the world as my oyster. I possessed the energy of a teenager and drive of a bulldozer. My dreams were all within reach because I felt invincible. The 30’s placed … Continue reading Where Are You in the Crossroads of Your Life?

Do You Believe in Women’s Intuition?

How would you define intuition? Do you believe you have it and recognize what it feels like? If so, do you ever use it to help you in life’s situations? Intuition is a hunch. It’s what some call a gut instinct telling you something is likely, even though you don't have actual evidence of the … Continue reading Do You Believe in Women’s Intuition?

Are We Settling in Relationships?

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower Do you feel alone even when you are with him in a room? Is he a serial cheater? Do insults fly out of his mouth when he gets angry? Do you feel like you're constantly trying to win his love? … Continue reading Are We Settling in Relationships?