Playback On YouTube!

The interview was scheduled months ago. The time was now, sitting in the virtual green room, my mind went to the first time I saw ”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” book in print. June 2019 gave way to … Continue reading Playback On YouTube!

Letter to the Readers of AW

Hello, Hope you are well and living your best life! I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for purchasing ”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” and following AW. My wish is that you enjoy the read … Continue reading Letter to the Readers of AW

18 Days Until the Big Reveal!

A reveal is exciting, mysterious and fun! In 18 days, an unveiling will begin. If you recall the feeling of anticipation from an upcoming birthday, special holiday, vacation, or date you’ve looked forward to then you can relate to the … Continue reading 18 Days Until the Big Reveal!

The Sublime Review!

When we’re in school, report cards are provided perodically. A grade is assigned to indicate progress. Restaurants, famed chefs, hotels and others wait impatiently while reviews and stars are handed out. Authors go through a similar process with exceptions. Writing … Continue reading The Sublime Review!

Happy Birthday AW!

AW was born one year ago today. An open invitation published, asking you to read about a woman’s journey. Since then thousands of readers worldwide have given AW Follows, Likes and Comments that serve as inspiration. As a Latina woman … Continue reading Happy Birthday AW!

AW is Now On Sale!

Born in New York and raised by Dominican parents, we’re known as persistent, determined, and driven. Many of us look forward to tbe day we acquire a certain level of achievement. Pondering the what-if, should have, could have instead of … Continue reading AW is Now On Sale!

It Can Happen to Any Woman

You have now seen the cover of “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” But what is the book about? Who should read it? Why should you buy it? Millions of books are written each year, only some hundred thousand … Continue reading It Can Happen to Any Woman

#GirlChatLive with UNCHAIN

Hello AW readers, Hope you are having a great week! Hot off the press! Excited to share my new podcast interview. Maria Krause recently invited me for a girl’s chat on her podcast UNCHAIN your inner strength to talk about Awakened-Woman’s story, projects, … Continue reading #GirlChatLive with UNCHAIN

Happy Birthday!

New Year’s Eve and birthdays are two of the most eventful days on our calendars. They are so significant that we often use the dates for reflection. Taking inventory of accomplishments, goals, failures and everything we have done up to … Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Sneak Peek at the Woman Behind AW

The About Me section of AW provides a brief summary of the woman behind the scenes. Rather, than give you with an updated summary, I thought answering some common questions will help readers get a better picture of the author … Continue reading Sneak Peek at the Woman Behind AW