Open Letter to Readers on Christmas

Dear Readers of AW, May you be spending today with loved ones that bring comfort and joy into your home. As you open beautifully wrapped boxes on Christmas morning, remember, there are many whose lives are not as blessed. Give thanks. I hope your heart is full and you are presented not necessarily with the … Continue reading Open Letter to Readers on Christmas

Unveiling of a New Look for Awakened-Woman!

We all go through stages in our lives when we feel that a revamp is in order. A trip to the hairdresser for a fresh-cut or color. Shopping for a new outfit to make us feel extra special on any given day. Who hasn't experienced the feeling. Most women and girls alike enjoy dressing up … Continue reading Unveiling of a New Look for Awakened-Woman!

Have You Been Awakened?

The journey begins long before we realize it has even started. Women share many of the same challenges. The barriers that separate us are broken down when we share stories of love, family and personal struggles to maintain our identity. I'm convinced the life experiences lived up to this point had purpose. They don't define … Continue reading Have You Been Awakened?