The Wine and Chisme (Gossip)

Female friendships provide many benefits. Having a strong ally on our side can help us through some of the most challenging times in our lives. Girlfriends get us to see straight when our thinking gets a bit foggy. The gift of sharing the same gender allows us to understand each other in ways men cannot. … Continue reading The Wine and Chisme (Gossip)

Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is the Editor-in-Chief of Belleza XL magazine and host of Conversaciones con Jen Podcast. The successful lawyer and journalist crushed the stereotypes many of us have become accustomed to seeing when she broke barriers as a Plus Size top model. Jennifer is based in Caracas, Venezuela, the first Latina Plus Model has been … Continue reading Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

Fierce Women Rising

Do you consider yourself fierce, a badass and confident woman who owns her life? It wasn't long ago when the thought of that woman was elusive to me. The idea that not only could I be myself but find self-acceptance was difficult to imagine. Spending much of my life settling for less than I deserved, … Continue reading Fierce Women Rising

The Passionistas Project

The birth of AW has provided a platform to share stories about women including myself and other awakened women. My hope is that readers will feel hope they too, can do anything. This opportunity has provided a gateway to meet amazing females who have encouraged me to continue the pursuit of knowledge and empowerment. The … Continue reading The Passionistas Project

AW is About to Level Up

AW is ready for a new phase that will include bigger challenges and more adventures! When I started writing, there were no expectations. It was a tool to help others on way to finding their best self. Now, after a book and several hundred articles later, I feel there is much more to be done. … Continue reading AW is About to Level Up

Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

A sterile, white and quiet room filled with mild trepidation and anxiety. Paintings on the walls adding brightness while waiting for your fate to be read to you. The silence is deafening as you sit in the waiting room. Time goes by slowly, as if you are holding your breath waiting for an undesirable odor … Continue reading Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

The Best Way to Get Over Being Ghosted

Have you ever ghosted anyone? Has someone ignored or declined your calls and texts after demonstrating interest or taking you on a date? It's an unwarranted disappearing act chosen as a way to cut the legs off the possibility of a relationship. Leaving behind a woman (or man), puzzled and questioning what sparked such action. … Continue reading The Best Way to Get Over Being Ghosted

Retouching the Faces of Beautiful Women

Women have been under the microscope for decades. We're expected to stay youthful, beautiful and keep a tiny waistline. The pressures are many, not to mention unrealistic. Keeping it all in place while maintaining a flawless look doing it. I don't know about you but the work is exhausting! The game of pretend can eventually … Continue reading Retouching the Faces of Beautiful Women

Unveiling of a New Look for Awakened-Woman!

We all go through stages in our lives when we feel that a revamp is in order. A trip to the hairdresser for a fresh-cut or color. Shopping for a new outfit to make us feel extra special on any given day. Who hasn't experienced the feeling. Most women and girls alike enjoy dressing up … Continue reading Unveiling of a New Look for Awakened-Woman!

It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ... Dr. Seuss Men and women experience joy and pain throughout their lifetime. While many boys are taught at an early age to hold back their tears as a way to protect their manhood. Little girls are consoled. The expectations to be a cry baby can … Continue reading It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.