Surviving a Bad Date

Sitting across from him, all I could smell was cigarette. The one he inhaled right before walking into the restaurant to meet me. It’s not so much he was a smoker but the fact he lied about it. Why perpetrate … Continue reading Surviving a Bad Date

A Must-Read AW!

Are you ready to read it? Excerpt from the Introduction: The initial idea of a book seemed surreal. For years, the endless pages floated in my head. But had not yet made their way onto the screen. This book was … Continue reading A Must-Read AW!

How to Write Our Own Rules

Women seem to spend a great deal of time following rules. Society sets guidelines and for the most part we follow. Men are more likely to be encouraged to break the rules. They will do it many times over to … Continue reading How to Write Our Own Rules

Why You Should Join the AW Global Community

They say “It takes a village” to raise a family. The same holds true for build a strong community. The ties that bind Awakened-Woman‘s village are the experiences shared as women. The growing pains gathered throughout your journey are not … Continue reading Why You Should Join the AW Global Community