Pause. Hold. Later.

How many times have you put something you wanted to do on hold? Has there been a time when you thought "I'll do this later - next week, month or year?" We are wrapping up the first quarter of 2020 and everything - life as we know it is on pause. The temporary stop is … Continue reading Pause. Hold. Later.

Amazing News!

The journey as an author has given me a chance to connect with some amazing women. Working with BELatina News provides an opportunity to write articles that take me out of my comfort zone, inspiring me as a professional and a woman. In this week's article, I interviewed Summer-Joy "SJ" Main Munoz, a 2nd generation Latina … Continue reading Amazing News!

Fierce Women Rising

Do you consider yourself fierce, a badass and confident woman who owns her life? It wasn't long ago when the thought of that woman was elusive to me. The idea that not only could I be myself but find self-acceptance was difficult to imagine. Spending much of my life settling for less than I deserved, … Continue reading Fierce Women Rising

How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

"I can enjoy the current state of my life because of the moments I’ve had to endure. I try to live with gratitude. We tend to get so preoccupied with planning our future that we forget to stay present in this instant. Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace the … Continue reading How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

Do You Struggle with Daily Life?

We all do but this may offer bit of hope. Human beings are creatures of habit. Change, whether at home or work can be unsettling. We're rattled when what we become accustomed to is switched up. A world turned upside down by an external shift in any number of settings. The past couple weeks have … Continue reading Do You Struggle with Daily Life?

What You Need to Know About Awe-Inspiring and Brazen New York

Hope you are feeling inspired on this day! Born and raised in the city that never sleeps provides an interesting point of view on many things. It seems that by nature of our culture and environment, New Yorkers are perceived to be more open and candid about most topics. Rumor has it, growing up in … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Awe-Inspiring and Brazen New York

CUT–Take Two!

During the holiday season, I took time out to take in a movie. I treated myself to "Second Act." starring Jennifer Lopez. The story of a woman who plays a different version of herself to prove to others that she was enough. The walk to dinner offered plenty of time to reflect on my own … Continue reading CUT–Take Two!

Tis the Season 2018

The holiday season is upon us. It’s that time of year men and women everywhere, all ages, reflect about life up to now. We pause to ponder wins, hardship and think about how lucky we are to have people in our lives to remind us of what's truly important. The year 2018 has brought me … Continue reading Tis the Season 2018

It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ... Dr. Seuss Men and women experience joy and pain throughout their lifetime. While many boys are taught at an early age to hold back their tears as a way to protect their manhood. Little girls are consoled. The expectations to be a cry baby can … Continue reading It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.

The Biggest Reason You Should Pick Up the Phone and Call

Emails, DM's and Text Messages filled with emoticons. Pages of text explaining your story or exchanging thoughts. People engaging in everything from fun banter to heart-wrenching text conversations. All done on smartphones and tablets. Are you guilty of using electronic communication to replace a phone call? We all are. We live in a modern world … Continue reading The Biggest Reason You Should Pick Up the Phone and Call