AW Challenge, Week 4: Putting My Body to the Test!

Our bodies are one of the many wonders of life. If we treat it with respect and kindness it may very well take us into the late decades. Teaching it good habits is essential to our well being. Nurturing the physical and mental state of your body provides a potential to produce high returns. Youth … Continue reading AW Challenge, Week 4: Putting My Body to the Test!

How Do You Measure #SuccessGoals?

"Stay in your own movie" - Devon Franklin I asked my teenage daughter, "How do you measure success?" Her response was uplifing as it was comforting for me, "If I'm where I want to be in my life - that is success. Though, many look to social media as a poster boy to define individual success, … Continue reading How Do You Measure #SuccessGoals?

Do You Struggle with Daily Life?

We all do but this may offer bit of hope. Human beings are creatures of habit. Change, whether at home or work can be unsettling. We're rattled when what we become accustomed to is switched up. A world turned upside down by an external shift in any number of settings. The past couple weeks have … Continue reading Do You Struggle with Daily Life?

No Limits – Go for the Knockout!

"Don't wait to be told your place - take it!" - Serena Williams Once in a while we need words that help get our motors running. Whether in the form of a song, good read, quote, speech or poem. We sometimes look to words for inspiration or encouragement helping us ger us through a hurdle. … Continue reading No Limits – Go for the Knockout!

Older Women Dating Younger Men

Dating is tough at any age but as we get older it just becomes a bit more complicated. We get set in our ways. The baggage we lug around can weigh down on our shoulders. For many the maturity helps us figure out the deal breakers. It offers time to learn what we want or … Continue reading Older Women Dating Younger Men

You Want It – You Got It!

We've come a long way from the roles defined for us decades ago. Having women in the C-Suite, as business owners, leaders of countries and more than ever before in US Congress. We are bulldozing this gender's path to greatness. Growing up, I didn't see females that looked like me on television, government or in … Continue reading You Want It – You Got It!

Are You Battling with Negative Self-Talk?

Life's challenges come in a variety of shapes, sizes and potency. There are all kinds of lessons to learn. It seems we would need superhuman powers to battle the thoughts that creep into our heads after things go sour. A volcano of emotions erupting, bringing more turmoil than we bargain for at times. It takes … Continue reading Are You Battling with Negative Self-Talk?

Does Love Change Over Time?

The euphoria felt in the first stages of love can resemble the intensity of a fiery inferno. The heat produced creates an environment of wondrous emotion. The initial few years may feel borderline magical. We protect our love while under the spell of it. Enchantment, not easily broken. Time offers comfort and security but sometimes … Continue reading Does Love Change Over Time?

What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

Happiness means different things to different people. We all want a piece of bliss but not everyone needs the same things to obtain it. Some are lucky to have it. Others don't know what it looks like or ever had it. Then there are the those who fake it to get by each day. But … Continue reading What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

CUT–Take Two!

During the holiday season, I took time out to take in a movie. I treated myself to "Second Act." starring Jennifer Lopez. The story of a woman who plays a different version of herself to prove to others that she was enough. The walk to dinner offered plenty of time to reflect on my own … Continue reading CUT–Take Two!