Don’t Stop Giving Thanks on Any Day

On Thanksgiving day, we’ll sit around an oven roasted, well-dressed turkey. Some of us will pass the wine, while others pass the gravy. Visiting friends and family from all parts of the globe join the table. It’s a tradition in North America to celebrate the Pilgrim feast with the Indians. A holiday favorite. It has become the ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome the holiday season.

During this year’s holiday, maybe we can all lend a thought to the possibilities. What if we started showing empathy, kindness and gratitude? How about if we work to treat others with respect? Is it possible to see past others’ flaws instead of criticizing them? Can we practice gratitude after the turkey, stuffing and apple pie has long been eaten? Do we have the capability to say “thank you” or appreciate life, love and health after Thanksgiving Day? Yes.

People have immense capacity for greatness but are we ready for this type of responsibility? Be the better person? It does not happen in one day, week or year but today is a good start.

I’m grateful for a full life. Thankful for having amazing people reading this blog, as well as, loved ones to hold my hand in life. My hope is that these stories fill your hearts and minds with positive feelings and incite action or thought.

Happy Thanksgiving day, AW community! Enjoy the moments that make your life inspiring.

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