Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

While many AW readers are familiar with the articles about women and motivational pieces I’ve written, you might not all know about other works included in AW’s collection.

I wrote The Cost of Her Jewels late in the second half of 2017. The storyline came to me during the time I was writing for divorcehub. I’d been reading a lot of material to help me write some of the articles. Sometimes the research process confronted me with painful situations other women were living.

This short story was born on a night of insomnia caused by thoughts of the agony women endure in abusive relationships. My heart goes out to women that have stood in those shoes. Having to make the choice between loving yourself or him more. Hands down, the love for yourself should win.

I wish you courage during the journey. May you seek the strength of an army to win your battle and immeasurable amounts of self-love to conquer the war.

Whether it is verbal, emotional, psychological or physical – abuse is never ok. Coming from a spouse, boyfriend or any partner it is unacceptable.

The The Cost of Her Jewels is only one woman’s story. There are many others who remain nameless in the darkness of abuse.

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