Best Hacks to Tackle Dating in a Virtual World?

The year 2020 changed everything around us. Society is forced to learn new ways of working, educating, entertaining, and connecting. During these times of countless challenges, we are being asked to live around the perimeters of social distancing. The modifications to our lifestyles can feel like a huge undertaking for social beings. Wanting connection does not stop when the world does. Our deep desire to find someone special is stronger than most things. People have an innate need to be loved but how do we find an ocean of love in a drought? 

Single men and women everywhere may be thinking about the changing face of dating. They say, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” Stories of love are popping up in the most creative forms, as men and women look to find the perfect mate during quarantine. The option of public gatherings has been eliminated in many states, leaving the dating scene in a pickle! How do you meet the right guy or girl without physical interaction? Some friends have given cupid the boot, at least for the time being while others won’t let the small details stop them from seeking love. Technology is rapidly becoming the most reliable connector to help couples link up. The use of drones, Zoom and Skype, in addition to dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are on the rise in cities like New York and Seattle to name a few. 

Making a virtual romantic connection is an alternative to the old fashioned way of meeting, particularly in the age of SD (Social Distancing). It offers a chance to get to know someone before jumping into their waters. The upside is, if it doesn’t work you have an easier out from a video or phone call, as opposed to a in-person date.

Here are some helpful tips to help lessen the pain of virtual dating.
  • Safety is key, remember the importance of setting boundaries. Never give your address or any personal information to strangers. The reality is, you don’t know who is behind the virtual encounter. Using your phone is the best mode of contact, add a  layer of security, although nothing is full proof, play it smart.
Voice Calls/ Caller ID: For security purposes. you can choose to hide your number from the person you’re calling by dialing *67 (area code) +  (telephone number). Do not use the “1.” By the way this trick varies depending on location and carriers. There are exceptions to every rule, keep the caveat in mind. Below is another way to conceal a smartphone’s telephone number.  

The iPhone has a cool feature that is easy to set up. Go to Phone Settings> Phone> Show Caller ID> Toggle to show/hide number.

The Android phone is similar. Choose Phone settings>Call Settings>Additional Settings>Caller ID> Hide/Show number

Caution: Cell phone carriers are all different, make sure not to create a false sense of security. Also, features mentioned work for voice calls not text messaging. You can find applications that will facilitate it, if you plan on communicating via text. 

Speaking to someone personally is a good start to get a sense of potential suitors. Taking time to familiarize yourself with someone without physical interaction can be beneficial. We are often distracted by the “butterflies. ” The fluttering of the heart can be deceiving in dating scenarios, and getting to know a person can discourage jumping into a relationship head first.
  • Set Up a Virtual Date. There are dozens of ways you can go on a date together without leaving the couch. You can tour Paris’ Louvre Museum, Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Van Gogh Musuem in Amsterdam or Musee d’ Orsay in Paris, even the Guggenheim in New York City! If you enjoy music, there are live stream concerts happening all over. There is something for every couple, think outside the box letting your imagination wander to anywhere in the world. It is a great way to figure out if you and Mr. Wonderful have similar interests that may drive you to a second or third date before the big in-person mask reveal. Social distancing will pose lots of challenges, so manage one date at a time. Have fun with it!
  • Technology is Your Friend. Use your devices to entertain. Try playing a game of Words with Friends or Scrabble Go . It may be a great way to see how his or her mind works, maybe pick his/her brain.
Don’t be afraid to give it a go, reinvent the wheel during this period. It can prove to be a helpful tool in finding quality over quantity. Getting to know a potential mate before meeting is really valuable if you are looking for a true companion to complement your life, adding substance. 

Where will you go on your first virtual date?

If you have any fun ideas of your own, please share with our friends at AW!

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