A Woman’s Right to Choose Motherhood (or not)

Do you have children? Why not? When do you plan on getting pregnant? Any baby fever, yet? Have your maternal instincts kicked in? How could you not want babies! You aren’t getting any younger, woman! Have you ever felt your … Continue reading A Woman’s Right to Choose Motherhood (or not)

Women’s Wonder Wheel

Women endure their share of pain. Fighting for a place in history to prove themselves capable of more than the roles imposed by society. The gender is expected to work twice as hard to access the same opportunities men have … Continue reading Women’s Wonder Wheel

Not Sorry.

One decision can change the course of life, forever. It can set off a trail of events that may either improve life in some way or throw everything into a funnel of doubt and regret. Regret is draining and worthless. … Continue reading Not Sorry.

Removing Those High-Priced Handcuffs

Have you ever felt trapped? Confined by a lifestyle you enjoy but comes with an expensive price tag. Cornered into a job, you strongly dislike for the toxicity it brings to your life. Working at something you have no passion … Continue reading Removing Those High-Priced Handcuffs

Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?

The month of March has many of us thinking of warmer weather. We push clocks forward getting extra daylight to put a pep in our step! The beginning of a new season bringing hope to enjoy life outdoors a bit … Continue reading Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?