Awakened-Woman on The Art is Alive

Many of us have goals and dreams that we think will never come to fruition. Sometimes the hard work, dedication and perseverance are not enough to push what we envision into reality. Like anyone else, exhaustion kicks in from life's stressors. Have you ever felt this way? Most of you reading will relate to the … Continue reading Awakened-Woman on The Art is Alive

“I’m Sorry”

He cheated. You were not speaking to him after an argument you had which made him think the relationship was over. He hit or mistreated you but didn't mean it. He lied but you never asked questions. It was fib by omission, a little white lie. He said, "I'm sorry" for all the indiscretions, absolving … Continue reading “I’m Sorry”

3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

The word “divorce” is often perceived as a bad word by participants and outsiders alike. It evokes negative emotions that can brew the most awful stew. The anger, resentment and loneliness create a recipe for disaster. If you understand this wicked recipe, you can see how difficult and draining the process is over time. It has … Continue reading 3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

While many AW readers are familiar with the articles about women and motivational pieces I've written, you might not all know about other works included in AW's collection. I wrote The Cost of Her Jewels late in the second half of 2017. The storyline came to me during the time I was writing for divorcehub. … Continue reading Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

Does Love Change Over Time?

The euphoria felt in the first stages of love can resemble the intensity of a fiery inferno. The heat produced creates an environment of wondrous emotion. The initial few years may feel borderline magical. We protect our love while under the spell of it. Enchantment, not easily broken. Time offers comfort and security but sometimes … Continue reading Does Love Change Over Time?

It Will Bring You to Your Knees

I recently watched "Life Itself." A film about life's beautiful, tragic, magical and incredible irony. Dan Fogelman, the writer that brings millions of American households to tears each week with "This Is Us" made a believer out of me. Life's difficulties constantly challenge our strength and will to keep fighting. We all have our own … Continue reading It Will Bring You to Your Knees

Do You Feel Something is Missing in Your Life?

The daily grind can be brutal. Stress created by responsibilities that stem from the realities of life. We build lives around jobs we dread waking up for and relationships we aren't happy in for one reason or another. It's a struggle at times to manage it all, especially when it feels like none of it … Continue reading Do You Feel Something is Missing in Your Life?

How To Stop Attracting the Wrong Men

Lets face it, relationship resumes aren't always strikingly impressive. In fact, many of us have kissed at least one frog. The part of the tale where the frog turns into a prince after a magic smooch? Well, that is incredibly deceitful! We've made some questionable choices in men. A combination of youth, inexperience or low … Continue reading How To Stop Attracting the Wrong Men

Are We All Broken?

"Have an encounter inside your own story. That’s where the holy ground is, same place you find the burning bush. Burning away things that aren’t true." --William Paul Young The learning begins as soon as we are in the womb, as does trauma. There are plenty of people who grow up to be well-adjusted. By … Continue reading Are We All Broken?

It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ... Dr. Seuss Men and women experience joy and pain throughout their lifetime. While many boys are taught at an early age to hold back their tears as a way to protect their manhood. Little girls are consoled. The expectations to be a cry baby can … Continue reading It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.