Modern Families

Most recently, celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian among others are placing a spotlight on the various ways to build a family. Women all over the world have been trying for years in private. Couples have looked at different options to start a brood of their own. There is no longer one way … Continue reading Modern Families

A Woman’s Right to Choose Motherhood (or not)

Do you have children? Why not? When do you plan on getting pregnant? Any baby fever, yet? Have your maternal instincts kicked in? How could you not want babies! You aren't getting any younger, woman! Have you ever felt your back against this wall? Feeling like your womanhood is being questioned? I think many women … Continue reading A Woman’s Right to Choose Motherhood (or not)

Do We Become Our Mothers as We Get Older?

A new school year begins this week. We watch our children start a new phase of their education. While some just begin their journey, others look forward to the culmination of young adulthood. It's a beautiful, yet nostalgic time because we have to slowly let go of our little ones. Raising them is challenging but … Continue reading Do We Become Our Mothers as We Get Older?

El Estado de Nuestros Ninos

Soy considerada de los tópicos que escojo para escribir y publicar en awakened-woman. Hoy sentí que tenía que expresar mis pensamientos sobre algo serio. Espero que compartan mi mensaje con sus familiares, amistades, colegas y el público. Mientras más gente lleve el mensaje, mejor. Gracias por leer mi editorial. Este par de semanas han sido … Continue reading El Estado de Nuestros Ninos

The State of Our Children

I’m considerate of the subject matter I choose to write and publish on awakened-woman. I felt compelled to address the elephant in the room. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you will share my personal message with as many people as possible. The past couple weeks have been difficult for hundreds of families. As a mother, … Continue reading The State of Our Children

3 Maneras Para Vencer “La Inmersion”

Todos tenemos tiempos de dificultad que incluye días que no estás segura de donde vendrá la energía para hacer todo lo que se necesita. Es comienzo de semana y ya voy tambaleando. Ayer tuve que quedarme en casa porque no me sentía bien. Mi hija tenia exámenes y me levante a preparar desayuno antes de … Continue reading 3 Maneras Para Vencer “La Inmersion”

The Top 3 Ways To Conquer “The Dip”

We all have trying times that include days when you aren't sure where you'll draw the energy to get things done. It's only Tuesday but the start to my week has been a bit shaky. I wasn't feeling well forcing me to stay in bed to recharge. My daughter had exams and I had to … Continue reading The Top 3 Ways To Conquer “The Dip”

A Modern Family Portrait

My separation happened around 2008 when our daughter was 5 years old. Getting a divorce after 10 years isn’t a walk in the park. The amount of emotion from both sides can be overwhelming. It isn’t hard to imagine, we had plenty to iron out. It would be a long road before agreeing on terms … Continue reading A Modern Family Portrait

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th – What about FaMo’s Day?

I’m grateful to know plenty of men who proudly wear the title of father. We celebrate Father’s day with you. I’ve known these men to be pillars of love and complete support for their families. They’ve been willing participants owning the role, standing front and center in the story of their children’s lives. Thank you … Continue reading Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th – What about FaMo’s Day?

El Dia de Los Padres es el Domingo, Junio 17 – y Que De Celebrar Dia Padre-Madre?

Tengo el placer de conocer muchos hombres que son padres y lo dicen con orgullo. Celebramos los padres que son el tronco de su familia brindando apoyo y amor a sus seres queridos. Estos padres están presentes y toman las responsabilidades de ser padre muy en alto. Mi padre trabajaba tiempo completo durante mi niñez. … Continue reading El Dia de Los Padres es el Domingo, Junio 17 – y Que De Celebrar Dia Padre-Madre?