Have You Been Awakened?

The journey begins long before we realize it has even started. Women share many of the same challenges. The barriers that separate us are broken down when we share stories of love, family and personal struggles to maintain our identity.

I’m convinced the life experiences lived up to this point had purpose. They don’t define me. They are what led me to become a stronger, more confident and self-sufficient woman. Today, I know my worth as a woman. I will compromise but not sacrifice myself in the name of love.

Every woman reading the Awakened-Woman’s blog can relate to the journey. I hope reading the stories, articles and essays will empower you to make a change or invoke thought. My wish is that you won’t feel alone in the personal journey towards your own awakening. Every woman has a unique path. Awakened-Woman (AW) is a place to bring all of us together to make each other stronger.

Join me on a call with “I’ve Got Your Number” at blog talk radio. It will give you a chance to learn more about AW.

Monday, October 22, 2018

from 7-8pm ET

Hosted by Lois and

Co-Anchor, Jo Anna

CALL 646-716-6237

(For questions, Press 1 )


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