How to Make Time Count Instead of Wasting It

The value of time is greater than that of money. We can always make more money. Time cannot be multiplied or made back. Once it’s gone, you will never see again.

Are you in a job you don’t like?

Does the relationship you are in make you miserable?

Do the people you have in your circle make you cringe?

Do you feel uninspired, indecisive, conformed to a life you don’t want for yourself with no desire or intent in life? Have you lost your passion – was it ever there?

Is life happening to you instead of taking it by the horns and living it to the fullest?

These questions may resonate with plenty of readers. Regardless of where you come from, human beings relate on at least one level. Life is full of unanswered questions. You owe it to yourself to seek answers as you tumble through the fields of the struggle. We are not born all-knowing. There are men and women who know what they want, diving into the pool of life purposely looking to accomplish the goals they have set. Others contemplate the possibilities but prefer to live through the periscope of another person’s life. The rest are too afraid, likely to stand still because it’s easier or more comfortable than venturing into the unknown. It is also possible to feel like you don’t have choices. Which of these describes you?

Growing older and experiencing life as an adult has changed my perception of time. As a woman, mother, and wife I have been placed in a multitude of situations challenging my mental, physical and spiritual state. Like so many living under the same assumption, I have felt at certain moments that I have all the time in the world. It is isn’t uncommon to fall into this false sense of security? Unfortunately, reality or the universe has a way of reminding us that we are immortals living on borrowed time.

Recently, the clock of life has been ticking louder and louder. The first 20 or 30’something years of our lives consist of carefree living if we are lucky, as not everyone gets the chance. The decades that follow can be a period of soul-searching and self-discovery as you begin to ask yourself even more questions like: What brings true joy in life? What are the things that really matter? What will you do with the years you are gifted? Time is flying by, what do you have to show for it?

Years ago in a conversation with a distant friend, we got to talking about life. Frank was probably in his late 30s, successful in business, as well as his personal life. He was a happy-go-lucky, vibrant and jovial kind of man. On that day, he shared with me about how he had began taking flight lessons to get his pilot license. In an inquisitive yet alarming style, I couldn’t help to ask him ”Why would you possibly want to fly a plane, Frank?” His smile was electrifying, an honest and profound response, “There are two things I love more than anything, both make me feel alive. The love for family and the freedom of flying anywhere above the clouds. It brings me peace and sheer happiness.”

Frank’s words sufficed, helping me understand the reasons for pursuing the exhilarating and daring hobby. Life is short. It wasn’t necessarily that he was unafraid. He loved flying so much that he refused to allow his trepidation to get the best of him to the point of discouraging him from doing what he wanted. It sounds simple but it is one of the toughest things for most of us to do. Live every moment, fearlessly, with passion and zest for what you choose to do. We get settled in ways, doubt our capabilities, often never reaching true potential in the time put on earth.

On August 17, 2019, a light aircraft came down in Upstate NY, the pilot (Frank) did not survive the crash. He passed at the age of 61 doing what he loved. It is an immense loss for his family and all those he helped during his time with us. He is now a permanent angel flying above the clouds, as he’d say.

So, how do you make time count instead of wasting it? Start living life now, today. Do the things you yearn to do. Work hard towards the dreams you wish for. Believe in yourself enough to know that you can and you will.

Live the time you are given because if you wait too long before realizing it’s all wasted, your time might expire too.

Protected content. 2019

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