Is the Concept of Monogamy Flawed?

Whether you are a man or woman who is married, dating, living with a partner or in love, this subject has been a topic of conversation at some point in your personal life. We can debate all sides of monogamy. We are not a polyamorous society by any means, living the complete opposite in our … Continue reading Is the Concept of Monogamy Flawed?

Let Pain Transform You

Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace difficult times that transpired in life, you begin to gain clarity. It’s essential to accept the pain and let it transform you. If you set it free instead of holding it hostage you can begin healing; guiding you out of negativity. --Excerpt from … Continue reading Let Pain Transform You

Top 5 Blogs for AW Readers

Readers have been immensely supportive. Thank you for being such a great part of the high engagement at AW. This means you continue to enjoy the content, I’m writing for the blog. AW went live May 27, 2018. Since then the number of hits are closing in on 100K. But there is is still plenty … Continue reading Top 5 Blogs for AW Readers

Uncovering an Emotional or Physical Affair

The boundaries for cheating have been extended for modern society. Decades ago, being unfaithful was restricted to a physical act, whereas today there are close to a dozen ways to blur the lines of infidelity. Technology has significantly changed perspective of what it means to cheat. This widened definition of what constitutes cheating has added … Continue reading Uncovering an Emotional or Physical Affair

“I’m Sorry”

He cheated. You were not speaking to him after an argument you had which made him think the relationship was over. He hit or mistreated you but didn't mean it. He lied but you never asked questions. It was fib by omission, a little white lie. He said, "I'm sorry" for all the indiscretions, absolving … Continue reading “I’m Sorry”

When a Woman Leaves Emotionally, Is It Just a Matter of Time?

Women are generally, more in touch with their feelings. We are usually the ones looking for connection in our relationships. Seeking mental or emotional bonding, whereas men tend to get what they need physically. They may be totally content with the status quo. The disparity with some couples is enough to drive a wedge between … Continue reading When a Woman Leaves Emotionally, Is It Just a Matter of Time?

The Art of Recycling Relationships

If your ex showed up at your door with jewelry, gifts, flowers and an out of this world, heartfelt apology. Would you take him back? Are you open and willing to jump back into those old boots? The boots you were wearing when you walked out on him after he critically wounded you over and … Continue reading The Art of Recycling Relationships

“Who’s Your Daddy?”

We've heard men refer to it, others criticize it or we ourselves have battled with it. The blog's title can be misleading but this won't be an article about bedroom chatter. While at lunch this week, I sat in a trendy spot nearby work to have a Tortilla Soup. It's one of my favorites, unfortunately, … Continue reading “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

I recently heard the story of a woman who had been in a relationship for 5 years. She loved her boyfriend very much. They had grown close over time. Sharing all kinds of special moments while dating. But uncovering a betrayal forced her to question everything, rightfully so. Confronting her truth was one of the … Continue reading Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

How To Stop Attracting the Wrong Men

Lets face it, relationship resumes aren't always strikingly impressive. In fact, many of us have kissed at least one frog. The part of the tale where the frog turns into a prince after a magic smooch? Well, that is incredibly deceitful! We've made some questionable choices in men. A combination of youth, inexperience or low … Continue reading How To Stop Attracting the Wrong Men