Pause. Hold. Later.

How many times have you put something you wanted to do on hold? Has there been a time when you thought "I'll do this later - next week, month or year?" We are wrapping up the first quarter of 2020 and everything - life as we know it is on pause. The temporary stop is … Continue reading Pause. Hold. Later.

Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

A sterile, white and quiet room filled with mild trepidation and anxiety. Paintings on the walls adding brightness while waiting for your fate to be read to you. The silence is deafening as you sit in the waiting room. Time goes by slowly, as if you are holding your breath waiting for an undesirable odor … Continue reading Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

Don’t Stop Giving Thanks on Any Day

On Thanksgiving day, we'll sit around an oven roasted, well-dressed turkey. Some of us will pass the wine, while others pass the gravy. Visiting friends and family from all parts of the globe join the table. It's a tradition in North America to celebrate the Pilgrim feast with the Indians. A holiday favorite. It has … Continue reading Don’t Stop Giving Thanks on Any Day

Happy 4th of July!

July 4th is the day we commemorate the independence of our nation. Tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of our nation. Each year the federal holiday allows us to pack our bags and families traveling to barbeques, beaches and parks. In recent years, we've gone through a significant change in the political climate. Sadly, this has … Continue reading Happy 4th of July!

Note To Self: 5 Ways to Return To You

Eleanor Roosevelt, Jen Sincero, Sheryl Sandberg, Carrie Fisher, Jennifer Lopez, Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol and Maya Angelou. These are the women on my wall - today. I keep a commemorative wall of quotes. Some sticky notes remain indefinitely. While others are replaced with new ones over time. Every morning and night as I brush my … Continue reading Note To Self: 5 Ways to Return To You