Uncovering an Emotional or Physical Affair

The boundaries for cheating have been extended for modern society. Decades ago, being unfaithful was restricted to a physical act, whereas today there are close to a dozen ways to blur the lines of infidelity. Technology has significantly changed perspective of what it means to cheat. This widened definition of what constitutes cheating has added … Continue reading Uncovering an Emotional or Physical Affair

When a Woman Leaves Emotionally, Is It Just a Matter of Time?

Women are generally, more in touch with their feelings. We are usually the ones looking for connection in our relationships. Seeking mental or emotional bonding, whereas men tend to get what they need physically. They may be totally content with the status quo. The disparity with some couples is enough to drive a wedge between … Continue reading When a Woman Leaves Emotionally, Is It Just a Matter of Time?

Trust and Infidelity

If you’re reading this blog, you may be curious. What could I say about the subject that hasn’t been said before? Many of us have been hurt by infidelity or knows someone that has experienced it firsthand. Recently, I exchanged messages with women who have been hurt by news of their partner’s cheating. There are … Continue reading Trust and Infidelity

The Top 5 Questions to Ask Him Before Making a Long-Term Commitment

We all like a little bit of mystery now and then. We say we want to know everything about the object of our affection. But a little intrigue keeps things interesting, doesn't it? There is nothing wrong with not knowing it all to the last nook and cranny.  Truth is we will never know anyone … Continue reading The Top 5 Questions to Ask Him Before Making a Long-Term Commitment

How Do You Know If Your Partner is Cheating?

Infidelity, whether you're thinking of doing it or has been done to you is difficult. Forgiveness of any kind is a personal choice and quite complex. The idea of your significant other cheating on you in any way can be excruciatingly hurtful. But it happens, these are real life situations that unfold with and without warning. So, … Continue reading How Do You Know If Your Partner is Cheating?

Infidelity – No Immunity

On Saturday, a new surprise album dropped. The dynamic duo Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit the sound waves with music reflecting the new chapter in their lives. The Carters as dubbed by some in mainstream media has had their share of news coverage. Most recently, details of their dirty laundry was made public when Jay-Z stepped out … Continue reading Infidelity – No Immunity

Can We Emotionally Cheat?

I recently came across a story about emotional cheating. A couple had been experiencing problems in their relationship. During this troubled time, one spouse uncovered the other's emotional affair with a colleague at work. Although, intimacy was restricted to texts and conversations. The affair that took place was severely damaging to their marriage. The reality … Continue reading Can We Emotionally Cheat?