Does Chivalry Still Have a Pulse?

Romance and erotica novels have a vast female audience between the ages of about 30-54. It’s estimated to be the most popular genre generating revenues in the billions. Harlequin Book, anyone? Decades ago, Jackie Collins books sold like hotcakes because the stories had a perfect balance. A love story with the just the right amount of sexy, dirty details to keep readers intrigued. Her books engaged women, providing a brief escape from the mundane. She filled the void of a daily routine starving for some spice and romance! Modern day technology gives us even wider access to new stories through the use of smartphones, tablets and e-readers. An easy and fun read at the touch of your fingertips, anytime – anyplace!

Many of us are guilty of daydreaming away at the thought of being taken on a whirlwind romance that has chivalry written all over it. A man who will say the right things while he lays out his coat for you to use as a red carpet ensuring one doesn’t step over the puddles on a rainy day. We’ll settle for the one that holds a door or pulls our seat at dinner on date night. Women all over the world wondering, where have they gone? Though, the chivalry that existed hundreds of years ago vanished with the armor worn during those days. I do believe it is possible to find chivalry in everyday love.

Ladies, there isn’t a man looking to check off the prince box. It’s an unrealistic and unfair expectation of any male. They are as imperfect as we are – and that’s OK. Long as, there is respect, adoration with moments of sweet consideration. A good man, the right partner will acknowledge your worth. He will want to do nice things to show you his appreciation. These don’t have to be grand gestures. You will likely know when he is making the attempt. Pause, the moment is a gift of romance.

On New Years Eve 2018, my boyfriend and I celebrated a 5-year anniversary. Each year, he makes plans to make the night special. During the most recent celebration, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner despite the horrendous soaker hitting New York City that evening. It wasn’t so much the actual dinner that stole my heart but a different romantic gesture. The heavy rains could hardly be held back with any umbrella. We took a car to the location. When arriving at the place, he stepped out of the car and carried me out to the front of restaurant. The thoughtful act making sure to shelter me from the rain coming down, sincerely melted me. It came at just the right moment, unexpectedly.

Sometimes, being chivalrous can mean doing the nice things that no one else will do. Preparing your favorite breakfast or coffee on Saturday mornings. It can be surprising you with having the laundry done when you’re exhausted from a long day at work. Romance can take place at home with a shoulder massage after a stressful day. It could even be a show of sweet affection like kissing your forehead. There are many different ways to show love.

Chivalry means having someone be respectful, good-natured and loving. It’s a man who is selfless enough to understand the importance of putting you first when it counts.

There are men out there who are capable and willing to go out of their way to treat you right. They will put you first. It’s up to you to set the standard in the relationship. However, setting realistic expectations is key, to allow for them to be human, too.

Chivalry and romance still exists in spurts. It can be reflected in a variety of ways. Keep your eyes open for them. You want to make sure to acknowledge the moments when they come to you.


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