We Will Never Forget.

On a Tuesday, 18 years ago on the 11th of September a memory was planted in our brain. One that I can vividly recall, as if it had happened yesterday. The skies were clear and blue, a beautiful morning began as an average workday. Running late, missing a train during the daily commute can feel … Continue reading We Will Never Forget.

How to Make Time it Count Instead of Wasting It

The value of time is greater than that of money. We can always make more money. Time cannot be multiplied or made back. Once it's gone, you will never see again. Are you in a job you don't like? Does the relationship you are in make you miserable? Do the people you have in your … Continue reading How to Make Time it Count Instead of Wasting It

How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

"I can enjoy the current state of my life because of the moments I’ve had to endure. I try to live with gratitude. We tend to get so preoccupied with planning our future that we forget to stay present in this instant. Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace the … Continue reading How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

Girl, You Got This!

People are good at finding wrongs. We can think of a dozen reasons to convince ourselves not to do something, especially when it means putting our needs first or taking a risk. Women are particularly hard on themselves, after all, our job is to take care of everyone. Caregivers, nurtures and pillars of families. People … Continue reading Girl, You Got This!

How Do You Measure #SuccessGoals?

"Stay in your own movie" - Devon Franklin I asked my teenage daughter, "How do you measure success?" Her response was uplifing as it was comforting for me, "If I'm where I want to be in my life - that is success. Though, many look to social media as a poster boy to define individual success, … Continue reading How Do You Measure #SuccessGoals?

Do You Struggle with Daily Life?

We all do but this may offer bit of hope. Human beings are creatures of habit. Change, whether at home or work can be unsettling. We're rattled when what we become accustomed to is switched up. A world turned upside down by an external shift in any number of settings. The past couple weeks have … Continue reading Do You Struggle with Daily Life?

Are You Battling with Negative Self-Talk?

Life's challenges come in a variety of shapes, sizes and potency. There are all kinds of lessons to learn. It seems we would need superhuman powers to battle the thoughts that creep into our heads after things go sour. A volcano of emotions erupting, bringing more turmoil than we bargain for at times. It takes … Continue reading Are You Battling with Negative Self-Talk?

Open Your Eyes …

Our eyes see what they want to see. Life opens them to all types of ugly. Some of which can be too much to bear, at times. But what happens when we get a glimpse of something truly worth appreciating. Do you value it? Can you pause long enough to allow yourself an instant of … Continue reading Open Your Eyes …

It Will Bring You to Your Knees

I recently watched "Life Itself." A film about life's beautiful, tragic, magical and incredible irony. Dan Fogelman, the writer that brings millions of American households to tears each week with "This Is Us" made a believer out of me. Life's difficulties constantly challenge our strength and will to keep fighting. We all have our own … Continue reading It Will Bring You to Your Knees

What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

Happiness means different things to different people. We all want a piece of bliss but not everyone needs the same things to obtain it. Some are lucky to have it. Others don't know what it looks like or ever had it. Then there are the those who fake it to get by each day. But … Continue reading What Does Your Happiness Look Like?