Wings, Wine and a Rant!


Have you ever had a week that skewed in the wrong direction? How did you handle it?

Monday started with me remembering that my water would be shut off for repairs. The problem was I was in my shower when I remembered!

Tuesday, I slept right through my alarm. Oversleeping cost me to miss an important appointment. Despite a marathon to the station the conductor closed the train doors right at my nose.

Wednesday, I woke up sick as a dog and weak as a baby.

Thursday, all that could go wrong at work did. When I finally left the office, what was supposed to be a 1 hour commute turned into 3 hours! I arrived late to meet my daughter for dinner. We sat at our favorite place and shared an order of buffalo wings. I sat there for 20 minutes straight ranting about my week as I sipped my glass of wine. She patiently listened allowing me to unload. Then she cracked a joke. We busted out in laughter. In that moment everything that had happened seemed insignificant.

Today, I’m thankful it’s Friday! We are healthy. We live in a warm, cozy home which I can provide for with a decent job. We are blessed in every way possible. I handled the stress of this week by remembering to have GRATITUDE for all that is given to me everday. Most of all for the air we breathe each crazy day.

Have an amazing weekend!

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