3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

The word “divorce” is often perceived as a bad word by participants and outsiders alike. It evokes negative emotions that can brew the most awful stew. The anger, resentment and loneliness create a recipe for disaster. If you understand this wicked recipe, you can see how difficult and draining the process is over time. It has … Continue reading 3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

How to Ask for What You Want in 3 Steps

The word "No" has great power. It's a word capable of instilling fear in the strongest of women. Sometimes so much, it hinders us from reaching for the things we want most. The terror of rejection can hold us back from a simple ask. Whether on a professional or personal level, I believe as women … Continue reading How to Ask for What You Want in 3 Steps

2 Things You Can Do Today to Get Out of Your Ditch

The work week can be a vacuum draining happy or positive energy sometimes. People around you may have a similar way of stealing your good vibes if you let them. The days can get away from you. It's normal to feel like a hamster on the wheel with all the day to day responsibilities. Enough … Continue reading 2 Things You Can Do Today to Get Out of Your Ditch

El Estado de Nuestros Ninos

Soy considerada de los tópicos que escojo para escribir y publicar en awakened-woman. Hoy sentí que tenía que expresar mis pensamientos sobre algo serio. Espero que compartan mi mensaje con sus familiares, amistades, colegas y el público. Mientras más gente lleve el mensaje, mejor. Gracias por leer mi editorial. Este par de semanas han sido … Continue reading El Estado de Nuestros Ninos

The State of Our Children

I’m considerate of the subject matter I choose to write and publish on awakened-woman. I felt compelled to address the elephant in the room. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you will share my personal message with as many people as possible. The past couple weeks have been difficult for hundreds of families. As a mother, … Continue reading The State of Our Children

A Modern Family Portrait

My separation happened around 2008 when our daughter was 5 years old. Getting a divorce after 10 years isn’t a walk in the park. The amount of emotion from both sides can be overwhelming. It isn’t hard to imagine, we had plenty to iron out. It would be a long road before agreeing on terms … Continue reading A Modern Family Portrait


El Martes tome el día libre del trabajo para pasarlo con mi hija adolecente que no tenia clases. Tomamos ventaja de un día de semana calladito y nos fuimos a un matiné de cine. Fue fácil decidir el tipo de película que queríamos ver. A nosotras nos agrada historias de protagonistas que demuestren fuerza de … Continue reading Vivir


On Tuesday, I took the day off to spend with my teenage daughter who was off school. We took advantage of the quiet weekday to check out a matinee. It was easy deciding on the movie since we have similar interests in films. We gravitate towards films that show the strength of our human spirit. … Continue reading Alive

One Flew Out of The Empty Nest

Each day Lisa woke up to a 5:30am alarm. She always began her day with a to do list. Married for decades with no idea what to do with herself after she ran out of lists. She married her high school sweetheart right after college. They agreed she’d stay home after the boys were born. … Continue reading One Flew Out of The Empty Nest

¿Es Cierto Que El Amor Significa Sacrificio?

Sea sentido comun o realidad, las mujeres amamos diferente al hombre.  Cuando estamos enamoradas  tendemos a entregarlo todo a veces por nada. Los hombres no muy frecuente se rigen por los sentimientos. Claro, siempre hay excepciones en la vida. Los variables son muchos desde personalidad, experiencia o crianza. Hay cosas que afectan la manera que … Continue reading ¿Es Cierto Que El Amor Significa Sacrificio?