The Beast

There are women all over the globe walking among the crowds, physically and emotionally battered. Bruises meticulously covered to ensure no one can see through to their pain. The secret is safe, long as the black and blues stay below the shoulders.  Aggression that can happen to any woman because it crosses cultural, educational, financial and … Continue reading The Beast

Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

While many AW readers are familiar with the articles about women and motivational pieces I've written, you might not all know about other works included in AW's collection. I wrote The Cost of Her Jewels late in the second half of 2017. The storyline came to me during the time I was writing for divorcehub. … Continue reading Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

His Biggest Gift

Another workday had ended, most folks had gone home. I preferred to stay behind to complete travel logistics for an upcoming conference. Being home offered too much time alone to think. A stressful week at the office without hopes of stopping required auxiliary. Drowning in paperwork was one way to numb myself from the pain … Continue reading His Biggest Gift

Does Love Blur the Lines Between Sacrifice and Compromise?

How much would you sacrifice for love? The greatest love stories touching our hearts are full of sacrifice. From Mark Antony and Cleopatra to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. This week my attention was drawn to a previously published InStyle article about Meghan Markle. The piece explained some of the things the Duchess would need … Continue reading Does Love Blur the Lines Between Sacrifice and Compromise?

“The Grape”

The MeToo movement was created to provide support for survivors of sexual violence. The group began to help young minorities living in economically disadvantaged communities deal with this traumatic event. The world took greater notice to the movement about a year ago. Celebrity voices stepped up to speak against the abuse of power being used … Continue reading “The Grape”


El Martes tome el día libre del trabajo para pasarlo con mi hija adolecente que no tenia clases. Tomamos ventaja de un día de semana calladito y nos fuimos a un matiné de cine. Fue fácil decidir el tipo de película que queríamos ver. A nosotras nos agrada historias de protagonistas que demuestren fuerza de … Continue reading Vivir


On Tuesday, I took the day off to spend with my teenage daughter who was off school. We took advantage of the quiet weekday to check out a matinee. It was easy deciding on the movie since we have similar interests in films. We gravitate towards films that show the strength of our human spirit. … Continue reading Alive

Nadie Vive en Cabeza de Nadie Pero Cuantas Vidas Tenemos Que Perder?

Hoy el mundo perdio una madre, hija y esposa.  Fallecio la diseñadora Kate Spade de un aparente suicidio. Nuestra cabeza es un mundo de profundidades que ningun otro puede leer.  Frecuentemente, se nos hace dificil hasta encontrar alguien que pueda interpretar lo que comunicamos verbalmente.  Somos complicados porque estamos llenos de emociones y pensamientos que … Continue reading Nadie Vive en Cabeza de Nadie Pero Cuantas Vidas Tenemos Que Perder?

How Many More Lives Will Be Lost?

Today the world lost well-known designer Kate Spade to suicide.  The American born Missourian made her brand popular with numerous collections of colorful and youthful handbags.  Her handbags were used by women everywhere helping accessorize our day to evening looks with sophistication. The designer wasn’t just a brand, a label – she was a wife … Continue reading How Many More Lives Will Be Lost?

The Bride Wore Black

The day would arrive when friends and family would witness the evolution of what their relationship had become after 5 years. She wore black unlike brides before her. A meticulously adorned face with jewelry that could not match her exquisite beauty. The makeup  almost angelic fit for the delicate princess everyone was there to see … Continue reading The Bride Wore Black