Let Pain Transform You

Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace difficult times that transpired in life, you begin to gain clarity. It’s essential to accept the pain and let it transform you. If you set it free instead of holding it hostage you can begin healing; guiding you out of negativity. --Excerpt from … Continue reading Let Pain Transform You

The Sublime Review!

When we're in school, report cards are provided perodically. A grade is assigned to indicate progress. Restaurants, famed chefs, hotels and others wait impatiently while reviews and stars are handed out. Authors go through a similar process with exceptions. Writing is subjective and there is no guarantee any two reviewers will agree on anything. As … Continue reading The Sublime Review!

Top 5 Blogs for AW Readers

Readers have been immensely supportive. Thank you for being such a great part of the high engagement at AW. This means you continue to enjoy the content, I’m writing for the blog. AW went live May 27, 2018. Since then the number of hits are closing in on 100K. But there is is still plenty … Continue reading Top 5 Blogs for AW Readers

Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

If you were given a choice: A. Keep your life as is, with all those things you consider mistakes. B. Go back in time to erase your mistakes? Which would you choose? Before you answer, consider what would be missing from present life, were it not for those so-called mistakes? Would you still give the … Continue reading Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

Sneak Peek at the Woman Behind AW

The About Me section of AW provides a brief summary of the woman behind the scenes. Rather, than give you with an updated summary, I thought answering some common questions will help readers get a better picture of the author writing these articles. What inspired you to start the Awakened-Woman blog? AW was started to … Continue reading Sneak Peek at the Woman Behind AW

How to Effectively Manage the End of a Relationship

We're crippled by the idea of an end. The words "The End" have such finality. A divorce or separation, death or any event forcing major change can bring extreme distress. My mother says, "The only thing in life that has no solution is death." I often referred back to those words when my marriage died. … Continue reading How to Effectively Manage the End of a Relationship

Special Invitation for You

Dear AW Readers, I hope this note finds you well. Thank you so much for reading the Awakened-Woman blog. Hopefully, you're enjoying the site's new look. Your notes have been amazing. I'm filled with gratitude to have the chance to write for you. I hope you are feeling encouraged, inspired and empowered by the stories … Continue reading Special Invitation for You

What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

Happiness means different things to different people. We all want a piece of bliss but not everyone needs the same things to obtain it. Some are lucky to have it. Others don't know what it looks like or ever had it. Then there are the those who fake it to get by each day. But … Continue reading What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

Whatever Happened to Our Fairytale?

Fairytales belong to Disney but somehow many women, myself included have gotten caught up in the fantasy. It's all Disney's fault! Ha. My childhood was filled with Snow White and Cinderella. I couldn't get enough of the Disney Princesses. I too wished for a prince to save me. Rescue me from life's heart breaks and … Continue reading Whatever Happened to Our Fairytale?

One Decision After a Breakup May Save You

"Love is a Many Splendored Thing" is not just a song. Falling in love releases endorphins that may take us on a magic carpet ride. We find ourselves excited to see the object of our affection. When the emotions are reciprocated it becomes a private party where not only do you feed off each other's … Continue reading One Decision After a Breakup May Save You