Will You Love Again?

“You’ve now read about the heartbreak and hardship of separation. Sure, you have your own tales of disenchantment. Hopefully, enough time has passed that you now have a better grasp on everything. Are you ready to explore love, again? If not, it’s totally ok. There is no rush on coupling up. When you are at … More Will You Love Again?

3 Major Changes You Must Make if You are Looking to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age

Reinventing yourself from time to time is not uncommon. While many looks for ways to feel younger, others have a deeper desire to express themselves. We change the color of our hair, wardrobe, attitude, job or entire life. The need to try something new takes us on self-exploration we’re not always ready for at certain … More 3 Major Changes You Must Make if You are Looking to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age

The Arrangement

Modern couples make all types of arrangements nowadays to accommodate lifestyles. Men and women commit but live in separate residences or split time between domiciles. They choose alternate living situations to fit schedules, careers, finances or preferences. Many of the unions have a big challenge. It seems that mainstream does not embrace these relationships the … More The Arrangement

Women’s Wonder Wheel

Women endure their share of pain. Fighting for a place in history to prove themselves capable of more than the roles imposed by society. The gender is expected to work twice as hard to access the same opportunities men have in many areas of life. We’re constantly looking for ways to show our value. Although, … More Women’s Wonder Wheel

Lend Your Support on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s the day many couples flood romantic restaurants to show adoration for their mate. Husbands, boyfriends, significant others rush to the scene of a jewelry, Godiva or flower shop to spend money in the name of love. Millions of women are showered with demonstrations of “I love you.” … More Lend Your Support on Valentine’s Day