The Beast

There are women all over the globe walking among the crowds, physically and emotionally battered. Bruises meticulously covered to ensure no one can see through to their pain. The secret is safe, long as the black and blues stay below … Continue reading The Beast

Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

While many AW readers are familiar with the articles about women and motivational pieces I’ve written, you might not all know about other works included in AW’s collection. I wrote The Cost of Her Jewels late in the second half … Continue reading Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels

“The Grape”

The MeToo movement was created to provide support for survivors of sexual violence. The group began to help young minorities living in economically disadvantaged communities deal with this traumatic event. The world took greater notice to the movement about a … Continue reading “The Grape”

The Power of Words

Books are gifts of knowledge. The libraries around the world hold millions of pages of writings. This collection of information carries an endless variety of stories with authors’ display of their own perception and understanding of the world around us. … Continue reading The Power of Words