Physical Attraction or Spiritual Connection?

A spontaneous combustion of the physical kind, barely requiring ignition. It can feel like two worlds colliding after moments of heavy flirting or banter. Either can cause an intoxication of emotions exciting and rattling the most sensible person. Some lovers seek insatiable levels of satisfaction from it. Men and women will use the act to hide from real emotion – love. Others will do it strictly for personal pleasure. Then there are those that may be confused by the exhilarating effects.

Sex can sometimes disguise itself as love-making. It can deceive us into thinking physical attraction is love. The act raises the production of oxytocin making one lover feel like they’re bonding with a partner on a romantic level. While the other sees it as something completely different. Truth is, it doesn’t always equate to a true emotional type of love. It can be a liberating form of expressing attraction or emotion and even relieve stress. But the magic can wear off quickly when that is all there is to offer. A physical bond is not sustainable long-term without true emotional or spiritual connection.

Love exists in many forms. It means different things to different people. Personally, the most rewarding type of love is the one where two people connect on a spiritual level. The moment you have partners bond far beyond the physical working together to strengthen a relationship or family in unison. These two people won’t necessarily be on the same path all the time. They might stray or veer off path temporarily but they reunite again. They are joined by the belief they’re vested to make this a great love and partnership. It’s work but not hardship, either. Simply, it should feel like you’re collaborating on life’s work. This exchange of giving and fulfilling in a relationship is done to build each other up. Make one another better as human beings. Serve each other’s needs but not in a subservient manner, more so in a kind and considerate way to demonstrate mutual love. Spiritual love can develop even before there is a physical state of intimacy. The absence of physical obsession or infatuation is replaced with unselfishness, inner security and acceptance for each other. It takes things to a higher level of intimate and emotional love.

I believe this is where the real magic happens – and I’m not referring to the fairy dust kind! The true reward comes when both partners show their true colors. The only way to come into this type of love is without false pretenses or lies. Once each of you have the self-awareness that a bond like this requires. It will take the relationship to a place where all cards are on the table. No one is afraid to ask for what they want. Partners express their feelings with respect, love and compassion.

Relationships take different shapes affected by experiences, circumstances and purpose. Each one of us gets to accept what is fulfilling or not. There are some people that will take a less than desired situation believing it’s all they can attain. Or it’s all they can manage at a specific time in their lives. We make the choice. Women don’t have to settle for less than they deserve. What type of love connection do you want? How do we get it? I’m still figuring out the details but what I do know is that none of it can happen without making a true commitment to self, first.

I will leave you with one suggestion, sit quietly and ask yourself what fills your heart? What gives you pure joy and satisfaction? Once you can provide those things for yourself then you’ll attract the right partner to add more of that into your life. You should complement one another’s desires deepening the love ties. It will never be perfect but love never is – it just has to be right by you.

Spiritual love starts from within then spreads like wildfire into all the other areas of your life.

“Protected content. 2018”

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